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Rev Johannes Frederick Theodore "Theo" Frank & descendants

Rev Johannes Frederich Theodore "Theo" FRANK, son of Pastor Johannes "Johan" (John) Friedrich FRANK and Hulda VON KERN, was born in 18 March 1875 in Castlemaine Victoria Australia, died on 21 October 1934 in Melbourne Victoria Australia at age 59, and was buried on 23 October 1934 in Fawkner Cemetery Melbourne Victoria Australia.

The cause of his death was Chronic Nephritis - Uraemia. Another name for Johannes Frederich Theodore "Theo" was Theodore Johann Friedrich FRANK.

Frank, Theodor, son of Pastor Johannes F Frank, b 18/3/1875, Castlemaine, Vic. Switzerland: B 1893–99. O: 5/3/1899 Oberurbach, Wurttemburg, Ger; ELSQ: 1899–1912; ELA'sia: 1912 -1915; Interned 1916–19; ELSQ: 1920–21; U: 1921–34; I: 1934. Qld: Kirchheim 1899; Engelsburg (Kalbar) 1900–07; Maryborough 1907–23, Vic: Melbourne Trinity 1923–34; Vice-Pres. 1924-34.

Left the UELCA with the Melbourne 'Trinity' congregation in 1934 to join the Deutsche Evangelische Kirchenbund (German Evangelical Church Federation) Melbourne Trinity congregation was the oldest Lutheran congregation in Victoria and the break brought a lot of sadness to pastors and members of the UELCA Synod. m Maria Held, 1903. D 21/10/1934, buried in a Melbourne cemetery.

General Notes: Welcome to a special enlarged tenth birthday edition of the Friends of Westgarthtown News dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of the Thomastown Lutheran Church. PASTORATE OF JOHANNES FRIEDRICH THEODORE FRANK (1923-1934) In his annual report for 1924 Pastor Frank stated that the church had been painted and a new harmonium bought for £40; the money for the purchase of the organ was collected by Pastor Frank and Mrs Zimmer among members and friends. The 1926 and 1927 annual reports say that the services were held regularly once a month on a Sunday afternoon in English and that Holy Communion was celebrated four times in German with between 8 and 20 communicants. The annual reports from 1929 and 1930 still mention that the services were held once a month in English. They do not specify the language for the celebration of Holy Communion; from 1931 to 1933 there is no longer any reference to the language. The solid financial position of the congregation is mentioned in these report The Argus Melbourne - 22 October 1934 OBITUARY Pastor Theodore Frank The Rev. Theodore Frank, who was pastor of the German Lutheran Church, East Melbourne, for 11 years, and previously pastor of the church in Maryborough, Queensland for 16 years, died at the Lutheran Manse on Saturday. He was keenly interested in the missions to sea- men, and often assisted the Church of England missions by taking services for German nationals from visiting ships in port. Born at Castlemaine 59 years ago, he left Australia at the age of 18 years for Switzerland, where he first entered the ministry. For assisting poverty-stricken Germans after the war he was awarded a second-class Red Cross by the German Government, and two years ago he received the certificate of honour of the Deutsches Ausland Institute for distinguished services to German nationals overseas. Pastor Frank leaves a widow, two sons, and two daughters. One son is Dr. T. Frank, of Melbourne, and the other is Mr. Victor Frank. The daughters are Misses H. and C. Frank. His sister is secretary to the German consulate in Brisbane. Also German Lutheran Memorial (26 October 1936 The Argus) In the German Lutheran Church in Parliament place East Melbourne a marble memorial plate to Pastor T H Frank was dedicated during the German service yesterday morning by Pastor E Stelniger. Pastor Frank who was born at Castlemaine and educated at Basle Switzerland was pastor of the church from 1923 till his death in 1934. Miss Victoria Wilson sang the solos by Johann Sebastian Bach which were Included in the special service yesterday Pastor Johannes "Johann" John Friedrich Frank- father of Theodore who in 1923 accepted a call to our church Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, East Melbourne had in WW1 been interned first at Holdsworthy near Liverpool and later at Trial Bay NSW.

Johannes Frederich Theodore "Theo" Frank married Marie HELD, daughter of Friederic HELD and Karoline SCHMIDT, in 1903 in Brisbane Queensland Australia. Marie was born in 1881, died in August 1962 in Melbourne Victoria Australia at age 81, and was buried in August 1962 in Fawkner Cemetery Melbourne Victoria Australia.

They had five children:
Theophil "Theo" Johannes Friedrich,
Hulda Mathilde Caroline,
Victor Immanuel,
Eric Adelbert and
Camilla Helene.

General Notes: Marriage - 1903/B2917 Held Marie Frank Theodore Johann Friedrick

Internment information -

1. Dr Theophil "Theo" Johannes Friedrich FRANK was born on 2 September 1904 in Teviotville Boonah Queensland Australia, died on 19 May 1980 in Melbourne Victoria Australia at age 75, and was buried in 22 May 1980 in Fawkner Cemetery Melbourne Victoria Australia.

General Notes: Theophil Johannes Friedrich Frank was born in Teviotville, Boonah, Queensland, in 1904. He was the eldest child of Pastor Theodor Frank of the Lutheran Church, and his wife Marie. His early education was at the Alberton state school, from which he won a scholarship to Maryborough Boys' Grammar School in 1916. He was awarded the Travis Scholarship in 1918, matriculated to the University of Queensland in 1921, and won the Melville and Diamond Jubilee Bursary His happy childhood was darkened by the heavy clouds of war. His father was interned, and Theo, being the eldest in the young family of three, gave tremendous moral support to his mother, brother and sister. It does not take much imagination to understand his difficulties at school and in the community at that time. Yet, in spite of this, his methodical and thorough application to his work, and his strength and depth of character, enabled him to perform brilliantly. It was characteristic of him that he bore no ill will to those who treated him badly. He loyally and strenuously served his country throughout his career, while loving all that is best in the German tradition —the language, the literature, the medical and scientific achievements, and the worship in the Lutheran Church. He was a regular attender at the German speaking Lutheran Church in East Melbourne, to which his father was called as pastor in 1923. In 1923, Theo entered the second year of the medical course at the University of Melbourne, graduating in 1927 with first-class honours in medicine. He gained his MD (Melbourne) in 1930, after doing residencies at the Melbourne, Children's and Women's Hospitals, Melbourne. He then proceeded to London, where he was admitted MRCP in 1931. He spent 1931 and 1932 working in hospitals in England and Germany, interesting himself in a wide range of medical problems — diabetes, blood disorders, renal disease, and arthritis in particular. He returned to Melbourne and was appointed clinical assistant at the Melbourne and the Children's Hospitals. He gained the Alwyn Stewart and Louisa Alcock Research Scholarships at the University of Melbourne, during 1934 and 1935. He was acting physician to outpatients on several occasions at the Melbourne Hospital. He was a foundation fellow of the RACP in 1938. The dark clouds of war loomed again, and soon the world was thrown into desperate conflict. Inevitably, this brought misunderstanding and pain to Theo. He was acting physician to outpatients at RMH from January 1940 to March 1946, and loyally laboured long hours, without glamour or recognition, while so many of his colleagues were serving overseas. When hostilities were over he found himself superseded by those returning to civilian life. That he was not appointed to the Royal Melbourne — the hospital he had loved and served so well, was a great disappointment to him, though accepted without complaint or rancour. He was appointed physician to outpatients at Prince Henry's Hospital in December, 1946, and physician to inpatients in August, 1947. In this youthful but vigorous clinical school his breadth of knowledge and wide experience were invaluable, and he served conscientiously and ably until he was forced to retire prematurely, due to ill health, in 1963, being appointed consultant physician. He continued his practice in Collins Street, where he did not spare himself, and was greatly beloved of many patients who spoke of him as "our doctor". They were deeply and gratefully attached to him and greatly mourned his passing. Theo Frank was a man of varied interests. He loved literature and the fine arts and was an avid reader. He found relaxation at his billiards table, on the golf course, or at his hideaway at Rosebud, which he dearly loved. He lived a full life, and enjoyed every minute of it, although it had its rough spots. At his birth, his father recorded in the family Bible "we have called our son Theophil, and synonymous with his name may he always be a friend of God and his fellow man". This, indeed, was the pattern of his life and he is gratefully remembered by his friends. He married Gertraut Held of Tanunda, South Australia, who survives him, together with their son Ted and daughter Elizabeth (now practising in South Australia), and three grandchildren. The writer's first personal contact with Theo Frank was as an undergraduate student at the Melbourne Hospital where Theo's smile and kindly manner, together with exhibition of a very wide knowledge of internal medicine, made him an ideal tutor for those commencing clinical medicine. Later, we enjoyed company together as physician-members of the honorary medical staff at Prince Henry's Hospital to the time of his retirement in 1963. The kindliness of his manner and his transparent goal of goodness, both in medicine and life generally, never deserted him. Author: M MAXWELL References: Med J Aust, 1980, 2, 580. BARRABOOL'S PASSENGERS. the passengers on the liner Barrabool, which reached Fremantle yesterday from the Eastern States, bound for London, were the following: - Theo. Frank, a former resident surgeon at the Melbourne Women's Hospital, who is going to London for further post graduate studies. West Australian Thursday 26 March 1931

2. Hulda Mathilde "Tilly" Caroline FRANK, daughter of Rev Johannes Frederich Theodore "Theo" FRANK and Marie HELD, was born on 25 October 1906 in Queensland Australia, died on 26 October 1990 in Prahan Victoria Australia at age 84, and was buried on 30 October 1990 in Fawkner Cemetery Melbourne Victoria Australia.

Hulda Mathilde "Tilly" Caroline married Herbert Louis “Edgar” SCHUETT, son of Alfred Louis Johannes SCHUETT and Adolphine Marine Hermine HOFFMANN, on 1 October 1953 in Trinity Lutheran Church East Melbourne Victoria Australia. Herbert Louis Edgar was born on 12 November 1903 in Hamburg Germany, died on 14 February 1975 in Prahran Melbourne Victoria Australia at age 71, and was buried on 18 February 1975 in Fawkner Cemetery Melbourne Victoria Australia. They had no children.

3. Victor Immanuel FRANK, son of Rev Johannes Frederich Theodore "Theo" FRANK and Marie HELD, was born in 1908 in Maryborough Queensland Australia, died on 30 August 1993 in Melbourne Victoria Australia at age 85, and was buried on 21 September 1993 in Fawkner Cemetery Melbourne Victoria Australia.

Victor Immanuel married Maria Elfreide Ingeborg GOSBERG, daughter of Gustav Adolph GOSBERG and Louise Emma Magdaline FRIEDRICHS, on 14 March 1942 in German Evangelical Lutheran Church East Melbourne Victoria Australia. Maria Elfreide Ingeborg was born in 1915 in Wuppertal Elberfeld Germany and died 1972 Brighton Melbourne Victoria Australia.

4. Eric Adelbert FRANK, son of Rev Johannes Frederich Theodore "Theo" FRANK and Marie HELD, was born in 1911, died in 1911 in Queensland Australia, and was buried in 1911. He never married and had no children

5. Camilla Helene FRANK, daughter of Rev Johannes Frederich Theodore "Theo" FRANK and Marie HELD, was born in 1914 in Queensland Australia, died 22nd Feb 2002 in Brisbane Queensland Australia at age 88, and was buried in February 2002 in Haigslea Lawn Cemetery Ipswich Queensland Australia.

Camilla Helene married William "Bill" LEWIS in 1940's in Melbourne Victoria Australia. William "Bill" Lewis was born in England. He was a Sailor.

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